Deaf news: NHS consultant – “Deafness might damage your health”

Posted on March 22, 2012

An NHS consultant, whose daughter is deaf, has co-written an article calling for more interpreters to be made available for deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users.

Dr Andrew Alexander, who works at Bath’s Royal United Hospital, has co-written an article in leading medical journal The Lancet called ‘Deafness might damage your health.” The article looks at communication between the patient and the doctor.

In an article called Deaf people get a raw deal on the NHS, This is Bath website quotes Dr Alexander as saying:

“Relying on lip-reading is inadequate as lip-readers understand only part of a conversation and use guesswork to fill the gaps. Written notes are unsatisfactory too, as many deaf people have often had poor quality education and may have a lower than average literacy. A qualified interpreter should always be present in a consultation between a clinician and a deaf patient who uses BSL to enable better two-way communication.”

Read the full article here:

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