Deaf news: The tattoo that vibrates when you get a text

Posted on March 26, 2012

This story from Mashable has revealed how a new tatoo-style device may offer mobile phone users the chance to have a small piece of fabric fitted under their skin to alert them when their phone rings or receives a text.

A patent for the device has been filed by Nokia, describing “a piece of fabric that can be attached to your skin, that will also alert you when you have a call.”

The article also says that vibrations could be “customised” so they differentiate between people who are contacting you.

For deaf people, the device raises all kinds of exciting possibilities.

Deaf parents could stop having to wear a buzzer to alert them to their baby’s cry, or the doorbell going off, as well as the smoke alarm.

Perhaps in public places it could be adapted so it would alert a deaf person if there was an emergency, such as a fire or a terrorist threat.

The device seems some way off, but these are exciting times. For now, here’s a video showing how it works…

By Charlie Swinbourne, editor

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