Deaf news: Deaf patient ‘deeply offended’ after being labelled deaf and dumb in hospital notes

Posted on April 2, 2012

The Enfield Independent has reported how a local deaf man was “deeply offended” after notes in a hospital file labelled him ‘deaf and dumb.’

The article reports how 23 year old Christopher Drew “noticed the insult in his hospital file as he recovered from knee surgery at Chase Farm Hospital on March 20th.”

During his hospital stay, he had only been spoken to five times, and during a nine hour wait before surgery, also had his belongings removed by nurses.

The article reports Drew as saying: “We are in the year 2012, and my file refers to me as dumb? Deaf people used to be referred to as ‘deaf and dumb’ – a really quite offensive term which has rightly been stopped.

“So if staff were avoiding me, which seems to be true given I was spoken to less than five times in fourteen hours, then actually how sad, considering they could have spoken to me without much effort at all.”

Read the full article here:


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