Deafinitions: being ‘Deafeatist’

Posted on April 4, 2012


A ‘Deafeatist’ is someone who maintains that deafness, and deafness alone, prevents them from doing something they would otherwise be falling over themselves to do.

For example: go to art college, bake a lifesize cake replica of the Taj Mahal, get launched into space, or simply go to Tescos.

‘Deafeatism’ is not incurable. However, it can be contagious after prolonged contact with a Deafeatist. Masks and anti-bacterial hand gel probably won’t do much to be honest. You’d be better off just getting out there and getting on with it.

A Deafeatist is not:

Someone who likes defeating deaf people at things, for the sheer fun of it. We have a name for these people, but alas, it can’t be printed here.

By Emily Howlett

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