Bazza Deaf: A list of debt organisations in Britain

Posted on April 13, 2012

When you’re starting out as a person born into debt – or you’re suffering from sudden saving loss – it’s important you get all the advice you can.

Luckily, leading deaf debt advisor Bazza Deaf has helped us compile a list of the leading debt organisations in the UK. Don’t thank us – no, really, don’t. Thank him. From the bottom of your debt-ridden heart.

British Debt Association
A user-led organisation for people who embrace debt culture and campaign for the rights of people who are in debt.

Royal National Institution for the Debts
Represent 9 million people who are in debts and successfully campaigned to get the Bank of England to reduce the interest rate, thereby making more people spend and get into debts. They are aiming to represent 15 million people who are in debt by the end of the year. They have re-branded calling themselves “Action Against Saving Gains”

National Debt Children Society
It is their policy to ensure that parents have an informed decision to decide whether or not their children should have credit cards.

Saving Concerned
They are only slightly in debt and would rather be saving

Debt Ex-Mainstreamers
They grew up in debt but went to school with savers

Debt Plus
These people used to have many credit cards and have now consolidated them into one large debt

They prefer to receive their debt statements by fax

Saving Dogs for the Debt
Dogs who help their owners offset their very large vet fees.

Defeating Debtness
For people who declare themselves bankrupt

Council for the Advancement of Communication with Debt People
An examination body to check if the signatures are valid on all the financial documentations. They have now rebranded themselves as “Signature” to help people sign up for more debt.

Debt Cultural Centre
A meeting place for debt collectors

Getting people into debt first time. Every time.

Bazza Deaf is a permanently resting Actor with a day job as an Accountant. A fomer Soap TV Star who acted as an Extra in Channel 4`s Brookside. A Comedic Writer for British Deaf News. Volunteers for almost anything, much to Her Ladyship’s annoyance. Check out his website or follow him on Twitter: @BazzaDeaf

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