Bad Deaf Dates: The Dawson’s Creek lookalike

Posted on April 17, 2012

Our new strand takes us into the terrifying world of dating. Because everyone has a dating experience to forget, and deaf folk are no different! Our first anonymous contributor tells us about her date with a dead ringer for Dawson out of Dawson’s Creek.

A few years ago, I was single for a while so I thought I’d try out internet dating.

I had some good banter with one guy, and as the emails went back and forth, I thought he seemed really nice.

It also helped that his photo looked a lot like James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek. That said, I fancied Joshua Jackson (who played Pacey) more, but beggars can’t be choosers (!)

It turned out that Dawson (as I will now call him) was an Aussie. He looked pretty fit, and also worked with animals.

It all seemed positive, so we arranged to meet. On the night I got all glammed up – I was looking pretty good, even if I say so myself (!)

We met by Nike Town in Oxford Circus. I noticed he was a bit smaller than he’d said. He was also wearing a long grey coat that made him look more Goth than Dawson.

But he spoke clearly (which is pretty important when you’re a lipreader!) so I thought I’d give him a chance.

He made a good start, buying me a big glass of white wine. We were getting on well and after a couple more drinks he suggested we go for a meal. So off we walked into Soho to an Italian restaurant.

Once we sat down, for some reason the conversation started to lose its flow. When he popped to the toilet, I found myself having a better conversation with the couple on the next table, who were really nice.

On his return, rather than joining in, he seemed narked that he was out of the conversation.

Soon, the lights dimmed, and so, being severely deaf, I found it harder to lipread. I started having to ask him more and more to repeat what he said. He didn’t respond well to this.

After I missed what he said yet again, he got in a huff, sighing heavily with a look of annoyance writ large on his face.

I thought ‘I’m not having that.’

It just so happened that right then, the bill came, so I thought I’d wait a few moments. Once he’d paid it, I got up, put my coat on and said: “Thanks for nice evening. But I’m not staying any longer.”

I got up and left the restaurant without a second glance, walking through the crowded back streets of Soho, feeling empowered, as though I’d taken my destiny into my own hands.

This might sound cheesy, but as I walked towards the tube, I felt almost as if I was Samantha from Sex and the City with the theme music swelling in the background!

That wasn’t quite the end of it though.

I got a text from him 15 minutes later saying ‘That was very rude.’

I replied: ‘You were very rude. Have a nice life.’

That was it. That was my bad date.

What was your worst date? Just email, in strictest confidence of course.

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