Deaf news: Preston’s Deafway launches ‘Deaf embassy’ plans

Posted on April 26, 2012

The Lancashire Evening Post has revealed plans for the deaf charity Deafway, based in Preston, to build an ’embassy’ for the world’s deaf community.

The centre would be built at Deafway’s base in Fishwick, with plans including an art gallery, theatre and conference facilities.

The article reports Deafway’s Chief executive David Hynes as saying: “If you look at any other group in the world which has its own language and its own culture, it has a country it is based in and within other countries there are embassies to promote that culture and language.

“The deaf community globally has as rich a culture and language as any other community and yet it has nowhere to positively promote that, it needs an embassy as a place to do that. What we are planning here is a building which deaf people from across the world will come to and be proud of to celebrate their culture.”

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