Best of Deaffest: Coming Out (directed by Louis Neethling)

Posted on May 23, 2012

During the week running up to Deaffest 2012, the UK’s Deaf film and TV festival which takes place this weekend in Wolverhampton, we’re showing you some of the festival’s greatest hits from previous years, which can be seen online.

Don’t forget that during the festival, which kicks off on Friday night, The Limping Chicken will be posting a Deaffest first – a live, film-by-film blog as the festival takes place. So if you can’t make it to Wolverhampton, watch this space on Friday and Saturday!

The third film we’re bringing you this week is Coming Out, which was directed by Louis Neethling (who also directed BBC2’s Switch) and written by, er, me. (This post, therefore, should probably come with a self-promotion alert. Do complain to the, er, editor, if you have an issue with this!)

Look out for Louis’s latest film, Still Here, at Deaffest this weekend, and to find out more about his company, go to the Mutt and Jeff Pictures website:

The film, which stars deaf actor David Hay, won the best film award at Deaffest in 2007, and has just crashed through the 200,000 views mark on YouTube.


By Charlie Swinbourne, Editor

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