Thumbs up: ‘U sign’ – the hard-wearing BSL flipbook

Posted on May 29, 2012

You know how it is when you’re a chicken farmer just starting out in learning BSL, spending a long day tending the coop when all you really want to do is practice some signs for your BSL course.

It’s messy. There’s feathers and, er, chicken waste all over the place. Then you reach for your BSL dictionary, and you find that’s got some, er, stuff on it. You try and wipe it off but that just makes things worse. You could weep.

This is when you clearly need the latest release from Action Deafness Books – the U Sign Introductory Signs BSL Flipbook.

Hard-wearing and durable, the flipbook is pocket-sized so you can take it anywhere. Its laminated pages are full of colour pictures covering subject areas from BSL handshapes to the alphabet, colours, family, and feelings. It’s a useful resource, funded by the lottery, that aims to help you get started in the big old world of BSL.

And, if you happen to be a farmer doing something more dangerous than simply looking after a few chickens, then you’ll be glad to know the second book in the series, focusing on emergency signs, is on its way.

By Charlie Swinbourne, editor

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