Emily Howlett: Hello from the Guest Editor!

Posted on July 25, 2012

Well, hello there! As you may know by now, Charlie Swinbourne has (quite rudely) decided he has finally earned a holiday. While he scuttles off to frolic in the surf and teach his gorgeous girls how to catch lobsters (or whatever people do with small children these days), the post of Guest Editor for The Limping Chicken has fallen to me.

Sorry about that.

Charlie began the Limping Chicken’s first ever day of existence with a picture of a lovely cuppa – all he needs to get through the working day here.

I am slightly more pessimistic, but I would also like to begin by sharing with you a photograph of my daily supplies…


Limping Chicken Guest Editor supplies…

Obviously, I live to serve and will do my very best to keep the Limping Chicken scooting along nicely, but I would really welcome any input from you, the Reader. If you see something that intrigues, inspires, interests or just irritates you then drop us a line, at the usual email address (thelimpingchicken@gmail.com) and we’ll check it out. Equally, please keep sending contributions to the site, along with anything else you think we might like (one can never have too many pictures of cute baby animals, or cake).

Please also keep on sharing, linking, re-blogging, retweeting and telling strangers in the street about the Limping Chicken; the UK’s independent deaf news and views website. We are known and read by many, but there are still people out there who aren’t aware of us. I know! Unthinkable!

Our Editor will, eventually, return and once more take command, but in the meantime I like to think we can have a little fun. While the cat’s away, the mice will play… Or, more to the point, while the boss is away, the buffoon will probably destroy all his hard work of the past few months.

Charlie, if you do manage to read this, don’t you worry about a thing. You just relax and have a fabulous holiday, safe in the knowledge that the Limping Chicken is all under control and wonderful and… well, you’ll find out when you get back, won’t you?

Now, first things first; I think I need more chocolate…


Emily Howlett is a profoundly Deaf actress, writer and horsewoman. She describes herself as being “equally fluent in English, BSL and Gibberish, and completely rubbish at French.” Emily can be found all over the place on various escapades, but divides her time between Derby and London. She can often be found behind a large packet of crisps or any halfway decent book, and insists she can still play characters in their early twenties despite having a grey eyebrow hair.

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