OLIMPICS: Limping Chicken Special Edition

Posted on August 6, 2012

Perhaps you will have noticed that over the last few days a craze has been sweeping Britain, and indeed the world.

Records are being broken. Medals are being won. Newspapers are groaning under the weight of heroes and heroines.

But this is just fluff compared to what should be happening!

The Olympics, as the phenomenon has come to be known, would be small fry compared to…. The ‘Olimpics!’

Although we deafies already have the Deaflympics (basically the same competitions as the Olympics, showing enormous levels of athleticism and skill but with the difference that all competitors are hearing impaired and  there are no auditory cues), here at Limping Chicken we think there should be more. More!

There should be a celebration of the skills, determination and athleticism we everyday deafies show in everyday life.

There should be the 100m distant lip-reading. There should be the triathlon of signing while drinking, signing while swimming and signing while fending off a small child. There should be Visual Vernacular sign-offs. There should be underwater synchronised fingerspelling.  There should be the Getting Served in a Coffee Shop Staffed by People With Heavy Accents and Beards Mixed  Doubles.

There should be the Limping Chicken OLIMPICS.

There should be….

What else should there be? Please do leave your comments and let us know; what events should there be? Which event would you excel in? Which event would you like to watch?

And, most importantly of all; should the medals be metal or chocolate?

by Emily Howlett

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