Deaf news in BSL from Remark: Deaf gene discovered | America’s ‘Deaf City’ | Are deaf people more at risk of assault?

Posted on October 8, 2012

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Deafness gene discovered
Just weeks after scientists claimed to have ‘cured’ deafness in gerbils, now researchers have discovered a gene that they believe is responsible for 1000 babies being born deaf in the UK each year.

Deaf man assaulted in late-night disturbance in Lancashire
A string of recent stories has shown that deaf people who are out late at night seem to be at higher risk of assault, simply because they do not hear what someone says to them.

American relay company sues deaf man for harassment
Many deaf people believe that the life of a telephone relay operator is straightforward, as they help deaf and hearing people to communicate on the phone. However, sometimes relay operators receive calls they might not expect, as one story from America has shown.

Interpreting agency steps in to interpret for birth of Deaf father’s first baby
When Deaf actor Adam Bassett was denied a sign language interpreter for the birth of his first baby, the story hit the headlines in the local press in Hull, where he lives

Deaf population in Rochester makes it America’s ‘Deaf City’
The city of Rochester in the USA has long been regarded as having the highest percentage of deaf people in the country. Now, new research has confirmed its status as America’s ‘Deaf City.’

Deaf theatre company’s new play gets rave reviews
Deaf theatre company Deafinitely Theatre’s new play Tanika’s Journey has been critically acclaimed since its premiere at the Southwark Playhouse in London last week.

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