Thumbs Up: ‘BBDeaf News’! “like a Deaf lovechild of the Adam and Joe show and The Mighty Boosh”

Posted on November 12, 2012

The easiest way to explain BBDeaf News is that it’s like a Deaf lovechild of the Adam and Joe show crossed with The Mighty Boosh. It’s random, it’s surreal. You’ll find yourself laughing without really knowing why.

The creation of Tammy Broksom and Micole Boyce,  BBDeaf News features regular spoof news videos in which the pair present all kinds of relatively ordinary stories as if they’re true, somehow contriving to make them funny.

Their gems include a video where two sisters are unexpectedly reunited, ‘the oral deaf news’ where they pretend to be hearing presenters wondering what a signed video is all about, and ‘Deaf Dyke’ where two Deaf lesbians talk all about… being Deaf lesbians.

My favourite feature is their use of ‘instant replay’ for the most anodyne of moments. Makes me laugh out loud every time.

I may not be doing a very good job of explaining just why BBDeaf News is funny. Maybe it’s just Tammy and Micole. Some people are funny down to their bones, and these two definitely are. Check out their Facebook page, and hopefully you’ll see why.

Someone give these guys a show.

Take a look at BBDeaf News page on Facebook here:

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