Poem: Martyn Brown’s ‘You don’t need to hear’

Posted on November 14, 2012


You don’t need to hear

to read a friendly face

a tender kiss

a warm embrace


You don’t need to hear

to learn and grow

to appreciate all

the things you’ll know


You don’t need to hear

to be listened to

to reach out for help

to support you through


You don’t need to hear

to have strength within

a faith in yourself

a belief you can win


You don’t need to hear

to take great pride

from giving your best

and knowing you’ve tried


You don’t need to hear

to play out your part

to explore with your mind

to find room in your heart


You don’t need to hear

to be someone

to hold your head high

to try and touch the sun


Martyn Brown 5th June 2009

Martyn Brown is a deaf grandad in a hearing family. He regularly regularly speaks for NDCS and (from 2017) Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. He relies on digital aids, lip reading and is a black belt in the Deaf Nod.

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