Sasha Thorpe: Starting my own Deaf club!

Posted on November 16, 2012

Is there such a thing as too many deaf clubs? Or are there not enough??

Either way good news. Due to various issues and reasons, I have decided to set up a new deaf club here in York, North Yorkshire.

Called D.E.A.F Club!! And the letters D.E.A.F stand for Deaf Entertainment And Fun!

My aims for this are to bring the Deaf community together as there are many advantages of being a part of a Deaf club. The one that springs to mind is inclusion. Yes we live in a hearing world but it is important that we can be around deaf people as well. I plan to make this club inclusive so everyone is welcome, even hearing people and people of all ages and other disabilities.

This will be a social clubs/gathering so I can get an idea of how many members we’ll gain. I can then start planning on a meeting place in terms of size ūüôā

Hopefully this club will grow over time, but I have got to start somewhere. I have been very fortunate in the support I have amongst my peers both deaf and hearing in starting this new club. I am very passionate about starting it and thrive for it to be a success.

I would love it if people could contact me about being a member or would like to help in some way. I would appreciate any help/advice or support.

So all I can say is, watch this space ÔĀä This girl is on a mission‚Ķ.

Sasha has set up a facebook page : or if you would like to email her, you can contact her at

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