Poem: Martyn Brown’s ‘So Many Ways’

Posted on November 27, 2012


Paint me scenes I can steal from
Chart me a course that won’t fade
Sketch me shapes I can recognise
Draw me the light and the shade

Put me in the picture

Confide in me by letter
Persuade me with purple prose
Liaise with me through lyrics
Instruct me as one who knows

Drop me a line

Email me your excuses
Skype me a splendid surprise
Tweet me tidings on Twitter
Text me the truth and the lies

Keep me posted

Sign me a goodnight story
Finger spell me a new word
Let me scan your face for clues
that may slip away unheard

Show me you care

So many ways to include
No reason to isolate
Only ignorance affects
Our chance to communicate

Tell me it won’t win

Martyn Brown 18th October 2010

Martyn Brown is a deaf grandad in a hearing family. He regularly regularly speaks for NDCS and (from 2017) Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. He relies on digital aids, lip reading and is a black belt in the Deaf Nod.

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