Read their lips: Seb Coe accepts Lifetime Achievement award at BBC Sports Personality of the Year, calls someone a “bastard”

Posted on December 17, 2012

It’s been a great year for Seb Coe, with London 2012 a massive success, being tipped to become the next Mayor of London, and last night, winning the Lifetime Achievement award at the BBC’s annual Sports Personality of the Year bash.

But this chicken thought he let himself down a tad when, seconds after finishing his speech last night, he turned to someone standing behind them and said: “you bastard!” At least, that’s what it looks like. And in earshot of the Duchess of Cambridge and her rapidly growing bump, no less. We’re utterly OUTRAGED at his words in the presence of our future monarch. We’d never use eggstreme language like that in a public place. Ahem.

So throw away your Olympic gold medal, Seb. And winning the London Olympic bid, those years of planning, the greatest British summer of sport ever, not forgetting those cosy early-morning judo sessions with William Hague. It all means nothing now, in the light of ‘bastardgate.’

Of course, lipreading’s an inexact science, so we could be wrong. But we’re about 90% sure. Do you agree? Take a look for yourself…

Thanks to Twitter’s @shutupandpoo

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