Poem: ‘On the other side of your mind’ by Colin Thomson

Posted on December 21, 2012

On the other side of your mind

There’s a place I hope you never find

It’s where demons reside

Believe me its not nice

The other side of your mind

Prefers darkness to light

Hates sunshine loves the rain

Do you want to live again ?

That’s when the demons smile

They come out to play

They take over your mind

And tell you they are here to stay

And when friends call to see if you’re ok

You don’t bother to reply

Cos you don’t know what to say

Do you realise they care

And want to hold you in their arms

Want to tell you they are always there

Don’t want to see you harmed

Don’t let the demons win the game

Do you believe you’re loved ?

Yes everyone has someone

I know the ride is tough

Now the demons are staring at me

From my mirrored wall

I can see the demons laugh

But I refuse to fall

So forgive me if I am not smiling

And you see my tears

The love that I have been trying to find

Yes it all starts from here

Yes I must learn to live again

And love myself with pride

It’s only cos friends like you

Are always by my side

Now I hope you see the reason

Why I have been gone so long

It’s a dark and lonely place

To visit. Is it wrong ?

Yes, now I hope you understand me

And I know it will take some time

Before I can be released

From the other side of my mind

Colin Thomson copyright 2011

As well as being a poet, Colin Thomson is a family support worker and is a freelance BSL/Deaf Awareness trainer. He is also a signed singer, possibly one of the first in the UK, performing for the first time over 35 years ago. He has performed on See Hear and at various Deaf events, and is the fourth generation of his family to be born Deaf. 
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