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Deaf News: British Deaf Association says census gives “misleading picture” of number of BSL users

January 31, 2013


The British Deaf Association has said that the census results, which we reported on yesterday, gives a “wholly wrong impression” of the number of sign language users and should not be used to justify cuts. This is the second charity today to suggest the figures are misleading, after SignHealth’s statement this morning. The BDA praised […]

Callum Fox: Crunch meeting with my audiologist. Will I get a new CI?

January 31, 2013


It’s that time of the year again. I’ll be making my way to Stanley Primary Care Centre in County Durham for my annual appointment with an audiologist. It’s something I go through every year, ever since I was implanted. The purpose of the visit is to make sure that there are no problems and to […]

Deaf News: SignHealth “concerned that many Deaf people have not had their main language recorded properly in census”

January 31, 2013


SignHealth, the healthcare charity for Deaf people, has said today that many Deaf people are shocked at the national census results released yesterday showing a smaller than expected Deaf population. The statistics showed around 22,000 sign language users in England and Wales, and the charity is concerned that many Deaf people will not have had […]

Is the number of signers lower than previously thought? Census records 22,000 sign language users

January 30, 2013


There has long been a debate about the number of Deaf people whose first or preferred language is sign language the UK. Depending on which organisation you ask, you might be told 50,000 (Action on Hearing Loss) 70,000 (British Deaf Association) or, according to a survey of GP patients in 2010, 100,000 in England alone. […]

Subtitle Fail: BBC show wrong subtitles on online episode of Eggheads

January 30, 2013


Our latest subtitle fail comes from regular reader Robert Mandara. He says: “You have to hand it to the BBC. Much as they let us down with their subtitling mistakes, sometimes they are hilarious.” Robert sent us these screenshots from the BBC’s Eggheads series 13, episode 102 which he watched on iPlayer. As you can […]

Deaf news in BSL from Remark: First bone conduction implant in UK | Deaf tennis player in Australian Open | Deaf prisoners

January 29, 2013


Click on the titles to go to Remark’s website, then click ‘BSL’ to watch the news in beautiful sign language! American series to air episode entirely in ASL The first time a major network has shown a programme entirely in Sign Language Prisons failing Deaf prisoners A study has found that Deaf prisoners are missing […]

Meet: Deaf health campaigner Ian Crimond – “It’s shocking that so many GPs are ignoring the Equality Act”

January 28, 2013


Deaf health campaigner Ian Crimond’s Deaf Access Research Group has recently researched health providers, GP surgeries, out-of-hours GP services and the experience of Deaf users of those services in Wales. Deaf access to GPs is a growing issue, since last week, research suggested that 28% of deaf people left their doctor unsure of their diagnosis. […]