Watch: Documentary set to shine light on India, where there are only 250 interpreters for 18 million Deaf people

Posted on March 4, 2013

A new documentary is set to shine a light on Deaf people in India.

Remarkably, despite having the largest Deaf population in the world, of 18 million, it is said that there are only 250 sign language interpreters.

Sign language has not been recognised, and there is very little access, with “no captions on television, no instructions for deaf people at public places, no TTY, no instruction through sign language in Deaf schools and no Deaf college or a university for Deaf people.”

The makers of Beyond Silence say it is “a documentary made with an intention of understanding the perspective of deaf people in India. India, a country with a population of around one billion people, lacks the basic infrastructure and social consciousness to accommodate the “voices” of deaf people.”

They also say the film “is a celebration of deafness,” which “questions and argues about concepts and ideas about ‘being handicapped’.”

Here’s the trailer:

The documentary is screening at the 0110 International Digital Film Festival in Whistling Woods in Mumbai on Feb 6,2013 between 2-5pm.

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