Deaf News: Universal Declaration of Human Rights translated into BSL!

Posted on March 8, 2013

A unique translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into British Sign Language has been released online.

Created by Signworld as part of a performance art work called Anniversary – an act of memory, the translation is presented by Tessa Padden (above) and Nicholas Padden.

The entire Preamble and 30 articles of the UDHR have been translated for the first time. Watch it below.

The creation of artist Monica Ross, Anniversary—an act of memory is a performance series of 60 Acts which has been performed in over 50 locations since 2008, including Berlin and Madrid, as well as venues all over Britain.

Each performance involves a recitation of the full 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights from memory, by sometimes 30 or more participants, each of whom has memorised one of the 30 Articles in the UDHR in her or his own language.

You can find it on You Tube here:
To download a free desktop copy please visit:

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