Deaf news in BSL from Remark: Red wine can prevent deafness | Prince Harry signs | Deaf swimmer breaks world record

Posted on March 18, 2013

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Deaf footballer says abuse he received was same as racism
Deaf footballer Daniel Ailey has said that the abuse he received from fans while playing in October was no different to racism.

Prince Harry signs with Deaf children in South Africa
Now the Prince has won a few Deaf hearts after signing with Deaf children at a Deaf school in Lesotho, South Africa.

Red wine can stop you going deaf, study says
Their tests found that a chemical found in wine, called resveratrol, protects people against noise-induced hearing loss.

Documentary says India has only 250 interpreters between 18 million deaf people
The makers say it was made to help more people understand the lives of Deaf people in India. They say Deaf ‘voices’ are not heard, and there is little social consciousness.

Burglar admits theft from deafblind man’s workshop
a man has been charged with the theft, with a 22 year old man pleading guilty in court. As well as taking equipment, Hicks’ quad bike was stolen, and it is this that the man has admitted to.

Chinese restaurant chain increases employment for deaf people
They serve spicy food, and the waiters use sign language with the customers. On the walls there are pictures which show customers the signs for different dishes.

Deaf swimmer breaks world record at Swimming Championships
16 year old Danielle Joyce from Scotland was making her debut at the championships and showed she was a swimmer to be watched, breaking two World records in the S15 class – a class for deaf swimmers.

Unique sign language discovered in Hawaii
A research group based at the University of Hawaii’s linguistics department announced the previously undocumented language’s existence at a conference on Friday.

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