Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss and Deafness Research UK merge

Posted on April 2, 2013

Action on Hearing Loss and Deafness Research UK confirmed today that the two charities have merged.

Both charities are known for their work in biomedical research, with Action on Hearing Loss currently funding UK and international work into treatments and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus, and Deafness Research UK focusing on UK research.

The merger will aim to raise the profile of biomedical research, which will in turn boost funding for further research.

Chief Executive for Action on Hearing Loss, Paul Breckell said: “Both charities believe that a merger is the most positive way forward for the future of biomedical research into hearing loss and tinnitus. For most of the 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss, and the six million people who suffer with tinnitus, effective treatments and cures cannot come soon enough.”

Vivienne Michael, Chief Executive of Deafness Research UK said: “There have been major breakthroughs in hearing research in recent years and work on potential stem cell and drug therapies for deafness holds particular promise. But the field is significantly underfunded. By working together we believe we have the best chance of raising the funding and awareness needed to change this.”

Deafness Research UK’s staff will transfer to Action on Hearing Loss in line with TUPE regulations, with its chief executive, Vivienne Michael remaining in post until 30 June 2013 to oversee the transition. The name Deafness Research UK will be phased out with all future work to be carried out under the Action on Hearing Loss name.

Deafness Research UK’s Royal patron, HRH The Duke of York, will become the patron of the merged charity, with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh stepping down as the Royal patron of Action on Hearing Loss. Action on Hearing Loss’s Vice-Patron, HRH The Countess of Wessex, will also step aside.

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