Deaf news in BSL from Remark: Deaf man has rib bone hearing aid fitted | Deaf whales

Posted on May 8, 2013

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Son explains how he had to tell his Deaf father he was going to die
One day, at what Matt thought would be a routine appointment, a consultant arrived, and explained that his Deaf father should not carry on having treatment and it was now better to focus on his care during his final days.

Deaf man has hearing aid fitted using rib bone
Brian Hogg is 29 and he was the first person in the UK to be given the implant, which was fitted in Scotland. It is called a Bonebridge, and it’s for people who cannot wear a conventional hearing aid.

Housing complex for deaf people may discriminate against hearing people
an audit by the Department of Housing and Urban development has found that the complex could face charges of discrimination. The reason? The complex’s policy of favouring deaf and hard of hearing residents over hearing people and people with other disabilities.

Deaf woman in India finds her abducted son
Sushma Karde was begging when she saw her son talking to a young man who offered him a sweet. Then, a few minutes later, she saw him carrying her son away. She tried to tell people but when no-one could understand her signing, she went to the Railway Police.

Concerns about airgun testing effect on deaf whales
As part of the testing, airguns blast compressed air into the ocean floor to search for oil and gas. The sound of the blasts are 100,000 times more intense than the sound of a jet engine, and they occur every 10 seconds.

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