Big Brother Update: The first eviction!

Posted on June 24, 2013

Day 7, 19/6

Today’s task involved housemates anonymously submitting their ‘suggestions’ to each other via a box, of which a few were read out later to the group by Charlie.

Sam’s suggestion was for Sallie in which he said that she needed to pay attention and can be ignorant when other people are talking. Sallie didn’t know what ignorant meant!

The last one caused the most rumpus – Dan was told off for being too bitchy about Michael. Of course Dan is the one who has come closest to finding out about who Michael really is.

As already reported in the live section of the highlights for day 6, Michael was asked live on television to save one of the three nominated housemates from eviction. Of course the 30-second pleas Dexter, Gina and Sallie gave had zero bearing on events, as the viewers had already chosen.

Dramatically, Dexter’s plea involved the confession that he was the one who accused Dan of bitchiness. In the most dramatic of all possible outcomes, Michael then saved Dexter making it appear as if this confession was responsible! The rest of the night was then spent discussing the save and Dan’s theories about Michael.

Day 8, 20/6

The morning began with Dan continuing his suspicions about Michael, which he shared with Sophie and Sallie. Well he was a detective, so perhaps it is not so surprising that he has his suspicions. The other housemates were not so keen to commit to his theories though.

There was an Impolite invitations task, which was set up by Big Brother to give Sallie and Gina a party on their possible last day in the House. They were told that Michael would be choosing to attribute honours and personality traits to his housemates, but of course they had in fact been chosen via a public poll.

The task started nicely enough, with housemates choosing who they thought Michael would choose as the sexiest housemate. It then took a less pleasing turn when they had to choose the least attractive, which was given to Wolfy.

20.6 - 1

She was then also awarded least hygienic at which she was most upset, but was quickly comforted by Dan and Callum.

After the task, Dexter pointed out to Michael that naming Dan as the sexiest and most intelligent housemate could make it look like Michael is a friend of Dan! Sam also teaches some of the boys Welsh.

The final segment of todays highlights was live from the house as the first eviction of the series took place. And the first housemate to be evicted was Sallie.

20.6 - 2

Then it was time to reveal the biggest secret of all. At first it was treated as a shock double eviction, but then it was revealed that Michael was in fact an actor.

The initial shock of the housemates turned into laughter and joy as they realised the full extent of the secret and the control the public had. The only person sad about this was Wolfy as she realised the public voted for her as ‘least attractive’ and not Michael.

20.6 - 3

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