Big Brother Update: Sam nominates for the first time! Days 9 -11

Posted on June 25, 2013

Day 9 Friday 21/6

This morning brought birthday greetings for Charlie amidst the continued fallout of the Wolfy/least attractive saga. And of course there’s tension today as we lead up to the eviction that I reported on in the live section of the Day 8 update.

We saw Sam in a happy mood as he sings In the End by Linkin Park whilst washing up.

21.6 - 1

Later Sallie is evicted, followed by Michael being revealed as the People’s puppet and also leaves the house. The house is excited by this revelation, especially Dan – who was the closest to the truth!

Dan has informed Big Brother in the Diary Room that he is convinced that Wolfy is also an actor! But in a twist, the rest of the housemates think that Dan is not a detective but an actor!

The housemates were informed that their suitcases were in fact intact and they all warmly embraced their clothes and belongings!

21.6 - 2 (1)

(Photo 21.6-1 Sam singing in the kitchen Photo 21.6-2 The “shredded” suitcases)

Day 10 Saturday 22/6

Suspicions galore continues today, but they are distracted by a new task “Remember to remember” testing their memories. Big Brother placed numerous objects and writings around the house, but of course as with all tasks, it is not that simple.

23.6 - 3

All the objects in the house were in fact red herrings and the housemates would be tested on their actions and discussions that took place during the day!

All day the housemates memorised the various items and writings trying to predict the sort of questions that might be given. Housemates were in fact split into two brain teams and then tested on their conversations and as to be expected stirred up feelings in the house. In particular it brought up conspiracy feelings about Dexter this time. Its a house full of paranoia!

22.6 - 1

Day 11, Sunday 23/6

The housemates woke up today to the announcement that they would be nominating for the first time.

23.6 - 1

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Dan – nominated for eviction by Dexter
  • Jack and Joe – nominated by Dexter
  • Dexter – Dan, Wolfy, Hazel, Sophie, Sam, Charlie, Jack and Joe, Jemima, Jackie, Gina
  • Wolfy – Dan
  • Jemima – Wolfy, Daley, Callum, Charlie, Gina
  • Gina – Hazel, Daley, Callum, Sophie, Sam, Jack and Joe, Jemima, Jackie

As a result Dexter, Jemima and Gina are all up for eviction this week.

Interestingly, Callum and Charlie’s reason for nominating Jemima was because she makes Sam feel uncomfortable and is interested in something other than friendship, whereas Sam sees her more (appropriately) as a mother figure.

Sam, along with Callum, Sophie, Charlie, Jackie, Hazel and Daley received no nominations at all.

In the aftermath of the nominations, jail beckoned for Jemima, Joe, Hazel and Jackie for breaking the rules and discussing the nominations.

23.6 - 2

The final segment of tonights highlights included going live to the house to announce the results of the nominations to the housemates.

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