Big Brother Update: Deaf housemate Sam is nominated for eviction!

Posted on July 23, 2013

Day 37, Friday 19/7

Eviction day started in ‘jail’ for Dan, Charlie, Callum and Gina for breaching the rules the previous night and jumping in the pool.

In the Diary room, Sam talked about how he would feel if Callum left the house. Big Brother asked why would he feel like an outsider if Callum left and Sam responded that it would be “like climbing Mount Kilmarjarno and getting to the top to find no view.”


After a dance task in which the housemates choreographed and performed for Big Brother, it was time for the eviction. The public voted for Jackie to leave the house.


Shortly after the eviction the housemates were told to select two of them to enter the safe house. In previous weeks this has meant the safe housemates live in luxury, but most importantly are immune from the weeks nominations thus safe for another week.


On this basis, the housemates chose Sam and Sophie (above) as they felt they were the most likeliest to not be nominated anyhow. Unbeknown to the housemates making this decision, by voting for Sam and Sophie,  they had inadvertently put them up for eviction in the latest secret twist.

All the housemates are still unaware of this!

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