Big Brother Update: Sam up for eviction Friday. Keep him in it to win it

Posted on August 16, 2013

Day 58       9/8

Today is eviction day again but Sam is safe.  In what is a tense day as so many housemates are up for eviction, they chat amongst themselves.  In a chat with Jack, Sam reveals he wasn’t diagnosed as deaf until he was three years old.  He said his parents found it strange when for example he would climb on his sisters backs and ignore his parents when being told to get off.  He initially passed his hearing test as being a hyper child he would look all around.  This probably mirrors a lot of deaf peoples experience who passed tests (including myself) due to “hearing” sounds simply by being curious by what is happening around them!

Day 59     10/8

The first day after the eviction the night before and a new task beckons.  Simply entitled “Do as you are told” Marcus Bentley and his voice enters the house.  His commentary was broadcast throughout the House but, instead of watching the action and commenting on what he sees, his voice was scripting the action, setting up scenes and situations for the housemates to follow at his whim.

All the housemates are chatting on the sofas when suddenly Marcus makes his voice known. He reveals that all they have to do to pass the task is do as they are told.  The first instruction is to dance for their lives.  As the instruction changes, it is obvious (well it is to me who knows what to look for) that Sam requires extra help in hearing Marcus and Jack quickly informs Sam what he has to do next.  The next instruction was to stage a food fight which the housemates totally get into!

After the food fight Marcus sends Sam and Joe into the garden holding hands to take a romantic stroll!  They then flirt with each other and Joe has to reveal to Sam his intimate thoughts.  Sam then turns his thoughts to wasps and asks Joe if he thinks wasps are sexual!

Sam and Joe having a romantic stroll

Sam and Joe having a romantic stroll

Day 60    11/8

As Gina tells Sam that she thinks he is favourite to win, Sam reveals to Gina that he is scared about going back to reality.   He said that he was really worried about what he would like to do.  He wants to be able to go around the UK speaking to parents and has no desire to be on tv and that a regular job would do.

In yet another twist, despite this being the final week, there is another round of nominations and there will be an eviction on Friday just three days before the final.  Sam, along with Charlie, Dexter, Jack and Joe and Sophie.  But as the voting lines have not yet opened there is obviously another twist somewhere along the line!

Vote to keep Sam in when the lines open…

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