Big Brother update: Sam’s winning night as it happened

Posted on August 20, 2013

The Final

Series 14, Big Brother Secret and lies – 14 housemates, nine weeks, 8 public evictions have all lead to this day – day 68.  The final five being Charlie, Dexter, Gina, Jack and Joe and finally Sam. For 4 days the public have been voting for their winner.

The show began with a recap of what happened the day before in which Sam revealed to Gina that he liked her more than she knew.  He respected the fact she had a boyfriend and therefore had not said anything until now.  She thanked him for being honest.  He told her that if he meets someone with her personality he knows he will get along with her.

Sam tells Gina of his feelings

Sam tells Gina of his feelings

The five finalists await the first eviction of the night

The five finalists await the first eviction of the night

The housemate in fifth place was then announced – Charlie and the voting lines re-opened.  During her interview, Charlie was asked who she wanted to win and her reply was Sam.

Fourth place was then announced – Jack and Joe.  This means Sam has made it to the final three!

Soon it was time to announce third place – Gina leaving Sam and Dexter as the final two!  This means that Sam now has to spend an hour with Dexter who is not exactly his best friend!  Knowing that Gina had an affinity with both Dexter and Sam she was asked who she wanted to win.  She said Sam but didn’t mind either way.

And then there was two .. Sam and Dexter

And then there was two .. Sam and Dexter

Sam's winning moment

Sam’s winning moment

Sam is reunited with best housemate Callum

Sam is reunited with best housemate Callum

The second show couldn’t come soon enough and boy did they drag out the announcement.  I thought Sam was going to collapse he was so tense!  But the wait was worth it as Sam was announced the Big Brother Champion of 2013.

There was an interesting observation made on twitter by Marcus Bentley the commentator who said this:  On Friday there was 2% between Sophie and another housemate. That housemate was Sam.  Just goes to show how important the voting was today.

Sam came out of the house to fireworks and rousing cheers from the audience and ex housemates alike.  At the start of his interview, when asked how he was feeling, he compared it to getting his BCG and not fainting, an indication of his hilarious metaphors that he has had throughout the series.  He also revealed that he would be donating 25% of the £100,000 prize fund to charity, 25% to his friends and family and the remaining 50% would be invested for his future.  When asked why he thought he had won, he responded that he thought it was perhaps he would stick up for himself and not let others twist or make up his mind.  He never got involved in a group argument but stuck to his guns.  He explained that as he would sometimes miss the gist of an argument, when asked his opinion, he wouldn’t comment as he didn’t know all the facts.  With regards to Dexter he felt from day one he was playing a game and wasn’t true to himself.  They played back his many one liners and showed his joking side that everyone loved.

Sam has proven that you don’t always have to be controversial, confrontational, manipulative or vindictive to win.  Sam was simply himself.  A WINNER.

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