Deaf News: Staff at Scottish deaf school suspended

Posted on August 21, 2013

Donaldson’s Deaf School’s Chief Executive and Head Teacher have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, according to the Edinburgh Evening News. 

The school’s board of governors – based in Linlithgow, Scotland – has ordered an investigation into the school’s handling of a historic allegation of inappropriate behaviour. 


The board of Donaldson’s Deaf School, Linlithgow, ordered an investigation after an alleged “inappropriate physical act” by an unnamed member of staff four years ago. 

It is understood the incident did not happen at Donaldson’s and involved a young adult who was not connected with the school. 

But staff were aware of it and took no action. 

When the case was raised at a meeting last term, the school decided further action was required and the member of staff was suspended and police were contacted. 

Now the board has taken the unusual step of suspending chief executive Janice MacNeill and head teacher Mary O’Brien to establish whether correct procedures were followed and why appropriate action was not taken sooner. 

Mary Mulligan, convener of the board of governors, said: “Staff were aware of the 2009 incident at the time, but no official action was taken then. “Following the decision to contact the police about the incident, the board asked whether the correct child protection procedures had been followed.

“We are now conducting an inquiry to establish whether those procedures were followed and to ensure the correct procedures are in place going forward.”

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