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Donna Williams: Farewell, Vitalis

September 30, 2013


Today, the funeral of Vitalis Katakinas is being held in London. I can’t make it, but Vitalis and his loved ones are definitely in my thoughts. He was an actor, a poet, a playwright, a biker, a sportsman, a father, a lover, a charity fundraiser, a friend, a positive spirit and influence for many. He […]

Deaf News: Book “that gives a voice” to deaf people with NF2 is published!

September 30, 2013


Forty-four extraordinary individuals from around the world have united to create the first non-clinical book about Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) in order to help and inspire others. NF2 occurs in 1 in 35,000 of the population and involves the growth of multiple benign tumours throughout the nervous system, most commonly seen in the brain and […]

Emily Howlett: CODAs, Stetsons, bears and trees… but not me.

September 30, 2013


CODA…  What does it mean? Our old friend Google tells us ‘CODA’ might be ‘any concluding event, summation or section’, a music shop, a meeting of the co-dependency self-help group, or even underwater imaging technology. It actually took me about three pages of search results before I found what I was looking for, what ‘CODA’ […]

The Weekend Selection: The big issue edition

September 28, 2013


Here are the top five new blogposts from the previous 7 days. Mark Levin: Let’s eradicate the term ‘hearing impaired’ “Cancer has changed me as a person.” Meet Emma Boswell, who has set up a Cancer Support Group in London Charlie Swinbourne: Hearing impaired? Hard of hearing? It’s hard to find the right term to ‘deafine’ yourself. […]

Deaf News: Derby City Council’s ‘historic commitment’ to deaf people leads the way

September 27, 2013


Derby City Council have worked with a range of deaf organisations to ‘officially sign a commitment of equality’ yesterday (Thursday). The official commitment by the council ‘encompasses both Deaf people and hearing impaired people – the first time that both communities have been recognised under a single charter’ according to Derby Council’s website More sign […]

Charlie Swinbourne: Hearing impaired? Hard of hearing? It’s hard to find the right term to ‘deafine’ yourself. I should know

September 27, 2013


Mark Levin’s article on this site last week about eradicating the term ‘hearing impaired’ clearly struck a chord – it was viewed over 10,000 times within 24 hours and became this site’s 7th most viewed article ever (and it’s still rising). Levin argued that “the term ‘impaired’ implies something is wrong and needs to be […]

“I like being forced into doing scary things – it makes me feel alive!” Eleanor Craik on being an NDCS volunteer (Part 2)

September 26, 2013


Eleanor Craik is an NDCS Volunteer. In this second instalment of her two-part blog, she tells us about how volunteering takes her to the edge This year, I went to Litchfield for another jam-packed adventure week. Armed with more BSL knowledge than I’ve ever had before  more confidence and assurance having worked with children for the […]