Deaf News: Derby City Council’s ‘historic commitment’ to deaf people leads the way

Posted on September 27, 2013

Derby City Council have worked with a range of deaf organisations to ‘officially sign a commitment of equality’ yesterday (Thursday). The official commitment by the council ‘encompasses both Deaf people and hearing impaired people – the first time that both communities have been recognised under a single charter’ according to Derby Council’s website

More sign language users live in Derby than in any other city in the UK outside London with 1,000 users. The popular Royal School for the Deaf is also in Derby. The commitment made by the council and agreed upon by the British Deaf Association, CAMTAD and others includes the following six pledges:

  • Providing access for Deaf and hearing impaired people to information and services
  • Promoting learning and high quality teaching of British Sign Language
  • Promoting learning and high quality teaching of lip speaking skills
  • Supporting families with Deaf or hearing impaired family members
  • Making sure that when our employees are working with Deaf people that they can communicate effectively in British Sign Language
  • Consult with local Deaf and hearing impaired people regularly.

Derby City Council has committed £5,100 to train local businesses and organisations about their legal requirements to provide BSL signers and lip readers if asked to do so and to train deaf people so they are aware of their rights to make requests.

The British Deaf Association, CamTAD and the Derby Deaf Forum will form a partnership to carry out the training.

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