Deaf News: Hearing screening campaign for people aged over 65 launched

Posted on October 2, 2013

A campaign led by deaf MP Stephen Lloyd to persuade the government to introduce a hearing screening programme for people over the age of 65 has been launched.

Backed by charities Action on Hearing Loss and Age UK among others, the campaign Hearing Screening for Life is calling on the government to check hearing at the age of 65 in the hope of providing those with an undiagnosed hearing loss an opportunity to do something about it.

The National Screening Committee is meeting later this year and the campaigners are calling on people to contact their MP and ask them to persuade the screening committee of the difference that hearing screening could make.

stephen lloyd mp

Campaign leader Stephen Llloyd MP

Encouraging people to acquire hearing aids earlier in life, when they will be easier to adapt to, is said to have many benefits.

Delaying action may mean hearing aids are harder to get used to, leading to a reduced quality of life and feelings of isolation and loneliness for those affected. It is also thought that this may lead to some mental health problems, such as dementia and depression.

The website for the campaign claims that the government could save up to £2 billion by implementing a hearing screening programme by enabling elderly people to live independently for longer.

To find out more or contact your MP, visit the campaign’s website.

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