Deaf News: Deaf man told to leave restaurant because of his hearing dog

Posted on November 1, 2013

A news story has shown problems with access for hearing dogs are not limited to the UK.

The fast-food chain, Wendy’s, have received negative press following an incident at their Hamilton branch in New Zealand.

The manager asked Roger Drower to leave the restaurant after a customer complained about him entering with his hearing dog, Puzzle. The customer felt that the dog’s presence was ‘unhygienic’, despite the fact he was wearing a coat with ‘hearing dog’ printed on it.

“My wife went to the counter and I went to one of the windows in the corner and the dog just sits down and waits,” Mr. Drower said.

“All of a sudden the manager came over and says: You, get your dog and get out.”

The manager was shown an information card about the laws regarding hearing dogs, mobility dogs and seeing-eye dogs; all of which are allowed access where normal dogs might not be.

After reading the card, the manager apologised and Mr. Drower and his family finished their meal.

The marketing manager for Wendy’s, Faye Stretch, said the incident would remind staff at all of their restaurants how to serve people with assistant dogs.

Read the original report here.

Photo by Peter Drury


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