How the Speak2See app uses voice recognition and keyboard technology to aid communication

Posted on November 5, 2013

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If being deaf makes communication difficult, why not consider using a high-tech option to visually speak and communicate?

Speak2See is an iPhone and iPad App that uses state of the art voice recognition and keyboard technology to convert your words into LARGE LEGIBLE TEXT.

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Your iPhone is now a Visual Pocket Communicator. Speak2See instantly converts your questions and responses into large text that is easily visible for people with whom you are trying to communicate.

You will have the ability to save and organise lists of questions and responses you have already entered so they can be used over and over again. In addition the application offers the Pix2See function, giving you the ability to organise pictures, diagrams, or graphics and assign labels to the images directly on the screen.

Pictures can then be easily found using the search function which further aids quick, accessible image based communication.

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Developed by a long term care physician in response to the challenges of communicating with ageing patients, the application has been designed with the real-time user in mind and provides a practical and thoughtful interface that is the result of 30 years of patient care.

Speak2See is useful in a variety of settings, healthcare and beyond: a physician or healthcare provider caring for a deaf patient; a deaf or hard of hearing person making daily transactions; a family caring for a loved one at home; medical students learning common question sequences; or simply for anyone attempting to communicate in a busy setting.

We believe Speak2See is a small but powerful example of how technology can improve our lives, improve our health care, and improve our personal interactions by providing tools that facilitate easier, more direct visual communication.

Dr. Thomas Dahlberg & Connor Dahlberg

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