US Deaf News: WWE originally proposed that superstar wrestler Edge be written as a ‘deaf-mute’

Posted on January 6, 2014


We all know that wrestling’s fake, the American WWE form of it at least, but it’s been revealed that any controversy over whether it’s really a sport or not could have been overshadowed by the introduction of a deaf wrestler, played by a hearing man, who confusingly, would also have recited poetry.

An article from has been revealed that Adam Copeland, the man who later became superstar wrestler Edge (below), had to fight off plans to write him as a ‘deaf-mute’ (which incidently, is an offensive way of referring to a profoundly deaf person) earlier in his career.

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Copeland, who was then a wrestling unknown, told a podcast that the plan was proposed because the bosses didn’t think he could talk well enough. Which also begs the question of how he’d have delivered his poetry – would he have signed?

Extract from the article:

After some disagreements with Russo in terms of the direction of his character, Copeland said plans were being put in place to make him a “deaf mute.” He was scheduled to work as a Jim Morrison-like character, reciting poetry and “wearing chains and stuff.”

“Russo wanted to write me as a deaf mute because he didn’t think I could talk,” he said. “It was his idea, so obviously he didn’t think I liked his idea and thought I’d screw with this kid. (The idea would have made me) dead in the water.”

We can only speculate what might have happened if the plan had gone ahead.

Would Deaf fans have been impressed at the idea of a hearing man pretending to be deaf? Would Copeland have managed to avoid reacting to sound for the duration of his career? How quickly would he have learned ASL?

And how long would his career have lasted? Actually, maybe we don’t need to speculate on that one – not long.

The article also reveals how at one point, Copeland was also being set up to play one half of a Midnight Express-style tag-team partnership.

Which is all, in conclusion, very bizarre.


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