Deaf News: Phonak release Bond-style wireless listening pen

Posted on February 12, 2014

A futuristic new wireless device, which looks like a gadget worthy of James Bond, has been launched by Phonak (one of the supporters of this site) aimed at giving deaf people another way of listening in noisy environments.

The new ‘Roger’ pen will initially be available to children. Compatible with virtually every hearing aid and cochlear implant, the device uses cutting-edge wireless microphone technology to pick up speech and transmit it directly into hearing instruments.


Powered by a unique speech-to-noise algorithm, Phonak say that the pen significantly surpasses existing technology, delivering a 54 per cent superior performance versus its nearest competitor in terms of speech clarity.

Other key benefits include an ability to automatically adjust to suit the environment and receivers that connect to the microphone with a single click – there are no frequencies to programme or manage as there have been with previous devices.

The ‘Roger’ transmitter is contained in a discreet pen shaped case, which can be worn by the speaker or placed in the middle of a group to pick up speech from several different people.

For more information on the ‘Roger’ technology, visit, which will also provide information on your local audiologist.

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