Mike Hawthorne: Running the London Marathon – my story!

Posted on April 28, 2014

Here’s my account of running the London Marathon…

My good friend Toro Manca and I arrived at Greenwich Park about 8.30am to meet the Sense runners for photographs but we were five minutes late so never mind!

We met other friends there – Deborah and James Lawerence and their daughter Andrea & her partner Christopher. They had all run the marathon before, but it was my first time!

image-3 We put our stuff in our bag with our running numbers on it and we gave it to the lorry (so we could pick it up at the finishing line). By about 10am we were so ready to go!

Oh my god, there were so many people in the line, and I was surprised to see everybody throw their second-hand coats and jumpers all over the park!

Then we saw the clock, which read 10.14am! I couldn’t believe that I was there!

We ran together slowly from the beginning, my breathing was good and I had no problems at all. Everybody was cheering, and a few miles later Toro told me that everybody was shouting HAPPY MIKE! Wow!

I was so honoured to see everybody calling my name, as I’d never met them before that was really nice that they were supporting me!

Soon, we had to stop for a toilet break. After that, I felt better, then we ran all the way to Cutty Sark. It was so beautiful there!

After 8 miles I got the feeling that my knee was bothering me so I had to run slower and Toro and Deborah ran ahead. We agreed we would meet at the end.

After 10 miles I started to walk with a limp. I told myself I would not give up as I had promised Amy & Elf, my two best friends in heaven that I must would get the medal!

So I decided to walk. I was not the only one to walk as other runners were limping too! I was glad I wasn’t the only one!

After 12 miles, I saw Tower Bridge! I was so emotional there because we had nearly reached the half marathon mark.

Everybody was cheering my name and I waved to them while also signing “Thank you!”

When I passed the bridge, I saw Olympian Denise Lewis there as she was presenting for TV – I’d never seen her before!

Then I I walked and walked. after 15 miles someone tapped me and pointed to someone in the crowd. It was James, Andrea and Chris.

James said to me “Don’t give up, you can do it.” that was nice of him so I kept on walking with a limp. It hurt so much, but my motto is No Pain No Gain!

I walked and walked, it was still a beautiful day, but when I saw the sign saying 20 miles, I was so happy!

In my mind I kind of knew that Toro and Deborah had finished by then! I was so happy for them.

I walked, then I saw the Sense Cheering Team just after Tower Bridge.

I was so emotional there, and they told me I had nearly finished! When I saw the Blackfriars Bridge, I could see the people cheering on the bridge, and when I signed “thank you” they copied me – I couldn’t believe it!

When I saw the sign saying 24 miles, I said to myself ‘two more two more two more!’

Still limping and walking, I saw Big Ben getting closer to me so I knew I was nearly there. Lots of people outside Big Ben were cheering and shouting my name! I cried cos I was in so much pain!

Then I saw the sign saying 900m left – in the Birdcage walk heading to Buckingham Palace. I stopped at the barrier stretching my legs. I burst into tears, but people tapped me – they told me not to give up, I was nearly there!

I burst into tears again when I saw Buckingham Palace, and the sign saying there were 385 yards to go!

Then I saw people cheering me, just before I entered The Mall for the finishing line!

I had to take my photo from my back of my shorts, a photo of Amy and Elf. I looked at the photo and I kissed it and looked up the sky, saying “this is for you Amy and Elf, I love you!”

YES I had finally done it!

I was so very emotional and so happy!

After the volunteers removed my tag, a woman presented me with a beautiful medal, and I burst into tears again. The medal means so much to me and it will be part of my life!

After that I picked my bag up from the lorry and then I saw two deaf supporters – Pete Davis and his wife Betsi Davis outside the finishing line where I could also see the Sense team cheering my name!

I can’t believe it is all over. Now I am not going to look back! I have done it! That was my AIM!

I am so happy I raised the money for Sense – especially for Ruth Connatty and James Clarke. Then we walked up the road to the pub called Tiger where the Sense runners eat.

When I arrived at the front door, Toro and Deborah came to me and gave me a big hug! I couldn’t believe it was all over!

So far I have raised over £2000! I would like to say a BIG THANKS to my friends and family for their wonderful sponsors also brilliant charity night for Deaf/Hearing Cube last month, for once I would like to thank everybody again for their support!

Also I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Sense for letting me run for them – especially deaf blind people!

Love from
London Marathon Runner
Happy Mike xxx

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