Deaf News: Deaf football team concede 127 goals – after referees refuse to use flags instead of whistles

Posted on May 27, 2014

The Mirror has reported how a Deaf football team lost all but one of their fixtures last season and conceded 127 goals – after not being able to hear the referees whistle during matches.


A deaf football team ended a season on minus six points – because they could not hear the referee’s whistle.

Birmingham Deaf FC’s sequence of shocking results were among the worst in the city’s AFA Saturday League’s history.

They lost all but one of their 26 fixtures, shipped 164 goals and ended bottom of division five.

But the team, made up of profoundly deaf players – at least had a decent excuse.

The squad couldn’t hear the referee’s commands – and claimed their pleas for flags to be used instead were ignored, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Club secretary Guy Whieldon, who is deaf, said: “Most lads feel officials are not geared-up for a deaf team due to communication breakdowns, which cause difficulty.

“The referees are supposed to wave flags while, at the same time, blowing a whistle.

“Most referees forget to wave or simply don’t want to use a flag.”

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