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Watch: The video everyone’s talking about, ‘Happy’ in sign language!

August 29, 2014


It’s the video that’s gone viral and is being added to more news sites on a daily basis – the signed version of Pharrell Williams’s song ‘Happy’, which was made by a group of Deaf Campers at the Deaf Film Camp 2014. It even features a Deaf Brit – Bim Ajadi, who has made a […]

Emily Howlett: What it’s like to be a deaf auntie

August 29, 2014


It’s one thing being a mother. It’s quite another being a deaf mother. And being a deaf auntie is a whole different ball game. At least when you are the parent of a brat, you are allowed to acknowledge that it is, indeed, a brat and decide how you will deal with it. You don’t […]

Louise Stern: A new book with a story that cuts through to what the deaf experience really is

August 28, 2014


Born in Northern Ireland, reared in Scotland, the writer and translator Donal McLaughlin lives like a nomad. His work takes him all over. The flow of speech and vocabulary the world over is his delight – both in his day-to-day life, where he takes a keen interest in every character that turns up, and in […]

Joseph Santini: How Deaf students can avoid isolation when they first start university or college

August 27, 2014


Gallaudet University is the world’s only liberal arts university for Deaf people. It’s a wonderful place, and definitely more accessible for a Deaf scholar than most, but chances are you don’t go there. Most Deaf teenagers in America and around the world go to non-deaf universities and colleges. In discussions and interviews certain themes about getting […]

The Secret Deafie: The day I misheard my A-Level results… again and again

August 26, 2014


The Secret Deafie is a regular column about deaf experiences submitted anonymously by different contributors. If you have a story you’d like to tell, just email A-level results tend to dominate headlines around this time of year. For me, it always triggers an embarrassing and painful memory that I still blush about now, 26 […]

Deaf News: Children set to take part in the UK’s biggest Fingerspellathon this October

August 26, 2014


Children and young people across the country are being encouraged to sign up for the UK’s biggest Fingerspellathon this October. The National Deaf Children’s Society expects more than 13,000 children to take part in its sixth Fingerspellathon, to help raise £38,000 of vital funds to support deaf children and young people. All youngsters can get […]

Award-winning playwright creates play for Deaf actress Sophie Stone

August 25, 2014


Kaite O’Reilly, an award-winning playwright, has created a new play for Deaf actress, Sophie Stone. The play, called Woman of Flowers, is produced by acclaimed theatre company Forest Forge, embarks on a UK tour this September and is an innovative retelling of an ancient Welsh tale. The play will star Deaf actress Sophie Stone, the first […]