Edinburgh Fringe Review: “Matty Gurney as you’ve never seen him.” Donna Williams on ‘Light’

Posted on August 20, 2014

Wow! That’s my review – wow!

I suspect something more is needed… ‘Light’ is the play featured on Limping Chicken a few weeks ago, as deaf actor Matty Gurney had landed a role in the show, which is aimed at deaf and hearing audiences.

I was in Edinburgh to take in the Fringe last week, and number one on my list was to see this play. Being a geek anyway, the blurb seemed to combine several of my favourite things – science fiction, theatre, and complete deaf accessibility.

I was thrilled to see an interpreter translating the pre show information re in case of emergency the exits are here, there etc, complete with a little head torch illuminating her face and hands, Sign Circle-style.

I had wondered if BSL would be used in the play, but it was almost entirely physical, and completely visual.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 13.22.08
I was riveted. The only dialogue in the play – not much – was projected on a screen above the stage. Which was in pitch darkness.

The only sources of light came from the various props that the actors were using, from bars of white light to little coloured lights, all to great effect. And yes, that is the actors moving the lights around, it’s not laser beams, tech wizardry or magic, it’s lots and lots of rehearsals. It shows.

It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into the best way to use light in the story and it was amazing to watch.

The story itself was intriguing, complex and compelling, if I had ever thought that physical theatre could be limited in what it could convey, those preconceptions were blown away.

This was one the most accessible plays I’ve ever seen, everything was visual – and visually stunning. The story was believable, and the actors expressed everything so fluently, from waking nightmares to some very futuristic motorbikes.

The hour and twenty minutes flew by, and I’m contemplating a trip to the London Mime Festival in January 2015 just so I can see it again.

For now, it’s on until 25th August at the Pleasance King Dome in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Get yourself down there to see a great show! And prepare to see a very commanding Matty Gurney as you’ve never seen him.

To book tickets, just click here

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