Deaf News: Deaf man shot dead in front of family by sheriffs in America

Posted on September 24, 2014

A man who was allegedly deaf since childhood has been shot dead by a sheriff’s deputy in Daytona Beach, USA.

Edward P. Miller was with his family, attempting to pick up a car from a towing yard when the incident occurred. It was reported that an argument broke out at the yard, where Deputy Joel Hernandez and a colleague were attending a different matter.

It is alleged that Miller was involved in the argument with a member of staff, and that he was in possession of a gun. He did hold a licence for the weapon, which was said to be visible in his pocket.


A report noted that the staff members felt their safety was threatened due to the presence of the gun, and the fact Miller was arguing about the fees he owed. It was also noted that Miller stated he was shouting due to being hard of hearing.

A family friend told reporters that Miller had only 1-2% hearing due to childhood illness.

Witness reports were somewhat conflicted, but seem to indicate that Miller was inside an SUV with the windows closed at the time he was shot and fatally wounded.

The shooting remains under investigation by the sheriff’s office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Both the deputies are on leave pending the investigation.

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By Emily Howlett

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