Deaf OAP in South Yorkshire asks council for Disabled Travel Pass back (BSL)

Posted on October 15, 2014

Here’s a funny one. What if you are Deaf, and get free travel via your Disabled Travel Pass for years, only to find that when you reach 65, you get an OAP Travel Pass which means you suddenly have to start paying?

That’s the situation facing David Whiston from South Yorkshire, who sent us his letter to the council, below.

He has also recorded his letter as a BSL video, press play to see it.

His letter says:

I write to tell you that I am not happy about my travel pass.

I am Deaf and I am over 65 years old. Five years ago, I used the Disabled Travel Pass and I went round South Yorkshire the same as my Deaf friends. I was happy.

When I was 65, I got a different pass – the OAP Travel Pass. I found I had to pay differently from my younger Deaf friends. For example, I go to Rotherham Deaf club every week. I go by train with my Deaf friends. I pay 1⁄2 price and they get it free. I am not happy. My Deaf friends think this is wrong and I should complain.

I am Deaf all my life. When I was 64, I was Deaf. When I was 65, I was still Deaf!

So really I should keep my Disabled Travel Pass.

Please look into this and let me know your board views.

Please get an interpreter to translate my BSL and three other Deaf OAPs.

Yours sincerely,

David Whiston.

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