SignHealth: Watch Channel 4’s documentary TONIGHT showcasing our work with Deaf children in Uganda (BSL)

Posted on November 21, 2014

Oscar is deaf. He is only five years old but his community have already nicknamed him ‘Kasiru’. In Uganda, kasiru means stupid.

To watch this article in BSL, click here.

Deafness is not accepted in Uganda, and the stigma surrounding deaf people causes extreme isolation.

SignHealth are acutely aware of the vulnerable lives Deaf children in Uganda lead, so when Channel 4 asked us to help them with an Unreported World documentary about deaf people in Uganda, we were more than happy to help out.

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SignHealth has had a presence in Uganda for a long time. We set up the very first deaf pre-school in Kampala. We trained over 30 teachers and introduced sign language to the deaf community. We gave training materials to schools so they could move forward independently.

And because of that, five year old Oscar can now read and write.

Channel 4 reporters filmed the lives of Deaf children in Uganda, including ten year old Edwar.

Edwar was forced to leave school because his mother couldn’t afford a uniform, but with help from SignHealth – and donations from people like you – we found the funds to help him. His life has been transformed.

Here’s a clip from the programme:

We urge you to watch it, with a box of tissues at your side.

Unreported World will be shown at 7.35pm Friday 21st November (with subtitles) and from Saturday 22nd with sign language translation on the 4OD catch up service online.

To donate £10 to SignHealth Uganda, please text UGAN10 £10 to 70070.

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