Watch: Joanna Poulton’s documentary showing both sides of having a cochlear implant

Posted on February 17, 2015

Joanna Poulton studied Scriptwriting at Bournemouth University and graduated in November.

After directing/producing short films outside her course, she wanted to try her hand at putting together a short documentary, and Switch On is the result. The film led to her appearing three times on the London Live breakfast show and has now been added to BBC Fresh Online.

The documentary shows both sides of having a cochlear implant, through two people who’ve recently had them fitted – one of them being Joanna’s mother.

She says:

Overall I really wanted to show the other side of the Cochlear Implant story, the side that is full of pain and the need to remain committed, focused and positive because you make that decision and you can’t go back.

Science and technology is wonderful but it is not always pain free and it certainly isn’t a miracle cure. Even now, five months on my parents still feel Mum was better off with her hearing aid but she has sacrificed sound quality for the ability to pick up a wider range of frequencies.

Watch the film here:

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