Deaf News: Deaf Everest trekker tells of earthquake nightmare in Nepal

Posted on May 5, 2015

The Sunderland Echo has reported the story of a deaf climber who experienced the earthquake in Nepal.


A SURVIVOR of the Nepal earthquake has told of how his dream trek to Everest base camp turned into nightmare as he returned to Kathmandu on the day disaster struck.

Keen trekker and climber Mark Grimes had been on a month-long trip of a lifetime to mark his 40th birthday, in January, when he was caught up in the quake last Saturday.


“Then the quake struck. I just could not comprehend what had happened. It felt like a big, heavy freight train was passing by, but it felt strange and it was not until the ground actually moved when I actually realised it was a quake.

“Then paths cracked up and rubble fell down around me, smoke billowing, scooters falling like a pack of cards, people running. And also windchill roaring through the air.”

Despite the terror that unfolded around him, Mark grabbed his camera to document the immediate aftermath.

Read the full story here:

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