The Secret Deafie: Signing on the tube

Posted on May 17, 2015

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Attempting to converse on the London Underground is impossible. So much noise in tiny little carriages, carefully avoiding the gazes of others around you…

Of course, signing can be just as challenging. Especially at peak times, with commuters trying to squeeze into ever smaller cracks and spaces.

A few months ago I was travelling with my wife to Victoria. Asking all the important questions of course (the pub is important, right?).

Halfway to Victoria however, our conversation was interrupted by a tourist who had boarded our carriage and positioned his bag between us.

Well. As this was disrupting the pressing decision of which pub to stumble home from, something just had to be done!
So with that, the infamous (but not that infamous) two fingers were carefully deployed; pressed firmly against their bag, continuing slightly to the left. With the obstacle removed, we continued to debate our options.

Unfortunately our poor tourist seemed quite bemused by this and spent the rest of journey looking quite confused but interested!

You’ll be pleased to know however, we both managed to arrive at the pub and home safely. Though our bank accounts may not have recovered since.

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