Deaf News: New breakthrough for #toylikeme campaign as Playmobil agrees to make toys with disabilities

Posted on May 29, 2015

There has been a new breakthrough for the #toylikeme campaign, which is calling on the global toy industry to positively represent the 150 million children with disabilities worldwide in their products to increase awareness and positivity.

After the campaign’s petition calling for disability to be included in Playmobil’s play sets received 50k signatures in a week, the company has contacted the organisers of the campaign, and has agreed to start including positive representations of disability in their playsets.

The campaign told us:

Playmobil just made 150 million children with disabilities worldwide, and their mums and dads and the nans and pets and friends, (and a bunch of parents who started a campaign for more toy box inclusion) very very VERY happy!
We are literally twirling our Elsa dolls above our heads! We are flinging Playmobil knights around like joyous confetti! We are doing the conga up and down the aisles of Toys R Us!
Find out more about the campaign on Facebook: and on Twitter: @toylikeme

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