Deaf News: Action on Hearing Loss launch campaign calling for subtitles for on-demand content

Posted on June 2, 2015

The charity Action on Hearing Loss have today launched a campaign to encourage the government to legislate for more subtitles on on demand services.

The charity says that 80% of on demand providers don’t offer any subtitles on their content, with some of the industry’s biggest names among the worst offenders.

In February, our Editor Charlie Swinbourne wrote about how Sky needs to smarten up on offering deaf customers subtitles for on demand services, and this is an issue which deaf people across the country have been complaining about for some time.

Below is an extract from the charity’s website. Sign up for the campaign here.

Watching ‘catch up’ TV and film ‘on demand’ has become a part of everyday life – whether it’s streaming the latest must-see movie or getting up to speed with the soaps.

Did you know that more than 80% of ‘on demand’ providers don’t offer any subtitles for on demand content, and the big subscription services like Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk have no subtitles on the vast majority of their on demand content? A massive 96% of Sky’s content is completely inaccessible to people who rely on subtitles.

The Government has promised to review legislation for subtitles for on demand services in July 2016. And now the dust has settled after the election, we need to make sure that subtitles are at the top of Culture Minister Ed Vaizey’s ‘to do’ list.

Sign up to support the campaign by clicking here.

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