Deaf News: Sign language interpreters convicted of £1million Access to Work fraud

Posted on June 5, 2015

In the latest case concerning Access to Work fraud to go through the courts, a couple from Derby who were sign language interpreters and ran their own agency, have been convicted of a £1million fraud.

Extract from the Daily Mail:

A couple have been convicted of a £1million fraud which included claiming for work helping deaf people while they were actually on holiday in Dubai.

Angela Poole, 47, and George Taylor, 54, funded a lavish lifestyle by over-charging the taxpayer by £400,000 for work as sign language interpreters for deaf people in work.

The government today condemned the ‘appalling’ scale of the fraud, which included Poole billing the taxpayer for the equivalent of 21 hours a day.

The couple from Derbyshire were also caught out trying to avoid almost £700,000 in tax owed to Revenue and Customs.

Poole and Taylor worked as British Sign Language interpreters for deaf people who were in work.

Together they ran Angel Interpreting and BSL Talking Hands which carried out work for the Department for Work and Pensions.

They were paid through the Access to Work scheme offered to help people with a disability, health or medical condition to ensure they can continue in their job.

The couple made claims from the taxpayer directly on behalf of their clients to help pay for regular holidays to exotic locations. It is understood that at one stage they began a relationship.

Both knowingly over-claimed more than £400,000 for work they did not do.

Poole was found guilty at Derby Crown Court while Taylor had pleased guilty to the charges previously.

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